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Embedded Software Engineer I

Job ID: 215016

Location: Thaon Le Vosges, Grand Est , FR,


Develop embedded software on low cost/low power microcontrollers for sensors, relays and other components used in automation safety systems. Participate in the design and development of new architectures and frameworks for scalable product platforms. Interact and collaborate on products and projects with a team of 8-10 embedded software engineers located in the US, Europe and Asia. Participate in code and requirements reviews and play a lead role in defining and maintaining the core software development process.

Project Details:

  • Real-time embedded 8, 16 and 32 bit microcontroller software development

Job Experience:

  • Excellent documentation and presentation skills
  • Ability to quickly understand existing codebases and refactor when required
  • Hands on experience in C, C++
  • Development of PC based testing tools in C++/C%23 using Visual Studio
  • Excellent design, debugging and optimization skills
  • Ability to work with emulators and hardware tools to debug issues down to the register level.
  • Experience with ARM architecture, ST, and Renesas processor families.
  • Experience with Ethernet and packet based communication protocols
  • Source control systems (ClearCase, Git)

Hourly Rate: 36.125-46.75

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