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Manufacturing Engineer

Job ID: 211820

Location: Kerkrade, , NL, 6468 EX


Responsible for the design of tooling and equipment and in planning the manufacturing process for parts and assemblies for a designated manufacturing area. Work is of the technical nature where independent judgment is used and decisions are made within the limits of general practice policies. Works with minimal supervision.

Project Details:

  • Analyze assembly equipment for the best method of manufacture
  • Specify tools, equipment and processes to produce a part or assembly, or
    evaluate processes in assigned areas
  • Direct the design and building of tools and equipment, or recommends improvements to existing processes
  • Define metrics to accurately measure machine performance
  • Control parameters and recipes for existing and new products
  • Develop and documents new tools, equipment, and processes
  • Participate in teams and cross-functional groups
  • Provides technical assistance and support to manufacturing operations
  • Analyze product variation plans and implements process capability improvements
  • Develop statistically based manufacturing control strategies
  • Develop and implements productivity improvements
  • Evaluate and implements new technologies
  • Perform special projects as required

Job Experience:

  • College graduate with AS degree in Mechanical or Electrical, or Manufacturing Engineering
  • Knowledge and understanding of PLC logic and related controls.
  • Knowledge of materials and methods of manufacturing
  • 3-5 years of experience in automated equipment, tool design, tool engineering, maintenance and/or related functions
  • Ability to interpret blueprints, electrical schematics, and drawings
  • Knowledge of electro-mechanical systems
  • Familiar with Tier I and/or Tier II automotive supplier specifications
  • Ability to read, write, or speak German
  • Ability to program and troubleshoot Siemens based controllers
  • Familiar with friction welding, balancing, and electro-static painting processes

Hourly Rate: 47.6-61.6

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