Delivering results through expertise and collaboration.

Delivering results

through expertise and collaboration.

Epic Implementation & Training

How does a health system overcome delays to achieve a successful EHR implementation? When an Epic™ software project fell four months behind schedule, they needed the right training plan and process guidance.

Discover how Oxford’s expert helped them get back on track in 30 days. 

Alerts Created to Flag Sepsis Symptoms

How does a health system successfully identify patients at risk for sepsis? Design a tool within their EHR system to alert clinical teams of early warning signs.

Discover how an Oxford consultant helped design and develop the program.

Preferred Partner for HIM Coding Talent

What does a health system do when they need quality coding and auditing services? Connect with a partner that has a history of delivering HIM consultants with high rates of accuracy and quick turnaround times.

Discover how Oxford provided trusted and reliable contract coding solutions.

Bridging the Gap between IT and Physicians

When physicians reject their new MEDITECH™ CPOE system, how does a hospital achieve successful adoption of the technology? Bring in experts to bridge communications between IT staff and physicians.

Discover how Oxford helped a hospital achieve Meaningful Use.

Go-Live Support Maintains Quality of Care

When a health system needs to prepare for an Epic™ software go-live, how do they help staff and physicians to successfully adopt the new system? With training consultants who have clinical knowledge and extensive go-live support experience.

Discover how Oxford provided training guidance to achieve a successful go-live.

HIM Coding Management and Services

What should a healthcare organization do when its Discharge Not Final Billed (DNFB) grows to nearly $30 million dollars? Build an expert coding and auditing team to improve the billing process.

Discover how Oxford’s Coding and Auditing solution increased billing production and accuracy.

Integration of Beaker Module to Existing Epic Lab System

How does a University Medical Research Hospital implement a complex Beaker module to their existing Epic system quickly and efficiently? With experienced professionals ready to provide knowledge and support that the client might not otherwise receive.

Discover how Oxford filled knowledge gaps and left behind an educated team ready to hit the ground running with a new system.

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