Delivering results through expertise and collaboration.

Delivering results

through expertise and collaboration.

Auto Manufacturing Robotics & Controls Automation

When a global automotive interiors manufacturer encounters problems with their paint line and operating systems, how do they overcome these issues? With a robotics and controls automation expert to rectify problems related to system faulting.

Discover how the right talent helped resolve and optimize the production. 

Wearables Manufacturer Needs Specialized Talent

What does a wearable manufacturer need to successfully develop a new product? A hardware engineer skilled in CSR technology who can respond and work within 24 hours.

Discover how Oxford’s talent helped to develop and deliver a new product.

Facility Operations Expansion

How does a global beverage company successfully expand their facility operations and production line? With engineering consultants who specialize in beverage production, packaging, utilities, and facilities.

Discover how Oxford consultants helped build a state-of-the-art facility, producing over 9 million cans daily.

Software Development for a Steering & Calibration Project

When faced with significant challenges, how does a company successfully provide automotive steering and motor calibration software in 3 months? With a team of software engineers to analyze, define and build the right solution.

Discover how Oxford’s team helped design and deliver to meet the deadline.

Process Piping for a New Confection

What does it take for a global confectioner to successfully launch a new product line? A third shift of workers under the right management.

Discover how Oxford’s consultant helped to lead immediate production needs.

Proactive Recruiting for Controls Engineering

When a controls engineering contractor needs extra bench strength to support projects, how do they successfully fulfill their client’s needs? Connect with the right partner who can provide engineering experts on demand.

Discover how Oxford provides talent to support controls engineering projects.

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