Delivering results through expertise and collaboration.

Delivering results

through expertise and collaboration.

Auto Manufacturing Robotics & Controls Automation

When a global automotive interiors manufacturer encounters problems with their paint line and operating systems, how do they overcome these issues? With a robotics and controls automation expert to rectify problems related to system faulting.

Discover how the right talent helped resolve and optimize the production. 

Wearables Manufacturer Needs Specialized Talent

What does a wearable manufacturer need to successfully develop a new product? A hardware engineer skilled in CSR technology who can respond and work within 24 hours.

Discover how Oxford’s talent helped to develop and deliver a new product.

Facility Operations Expansion

How does a global beverage company successfully expand their facility operations and production line? With engineering consultants who specialize in beverage production, packaging, utilities, and facilities.

Discover how Oxford consultants helped build a state-of-the-art facility, producing over 9 million cans daily.

Software Development for a Steering & Calibration Project

When faced with significant challenges, how does a company successfully provide automotive steering and motor calibration software in 3 months? With a team of software engineers to analyze, define and build the right solution.

Discover how Oxford’s team helped design and deliver to meet the deadline.

Process Piping for a New Confection

What does it take for a global confectioner to successfully launch a new product line? A third shift of workers under the right management.

Discover how Oxford’s consultant helped to lead immediate production needs.

Proactive Recruiting for Controls Engineering

When a controls engineering contractor needs extra bench strength to support projects, how do they successfully fulfill their client’s needs? Connect with the right partner who can provide engineering experts on demand.

Discover how Oxford provides talent to support controls engineering projects.

Epic Implementation & Training

How does a health system overcome delays to achieve a successful EHR implementation? When an Epic™ software project fell four months behind schedule, they needed the right training plan and process guidance.

Discover how Oxford’s expert helped them get back on track in 30 days. 

Alerts Created to Flag Sepsis Symptoms

How does a health system successfully identify patients at risk for sepsis? Design a tool within their EHR system to alert clinical teams of early warning signs.

Discover how an Oxford consultant helped design and develop the program.

Preferred Partner for HIM Coding Talent

What does a health system do when they need quality coding and auditing services? Connect with a partner that has a history of delivering HIM consultants with high rates of accuracy and quick turnaround times.

Discover how Oxford provided trusted and reliable contract coding solutions.

Bridging the Gap between IT and Physicians

When physicians reject their new MEDITECH™ CPOE system, how does a hospital achieve successful adoption of the technology? Bring in experts to bridge communications between IT staff and physicians.

Discover how Oxford helped a hospital achieve Meaningful Use.

Go-Live Support Maintains Quality of Care

When a health system needs to prepare for an Epic™ software go-live, how do they help staff and physicians to successfully adopt the new system? With training consultants who have clinical knowledge and extensive go-live support experience.

Discover how Oxford provided training guidance to achieve a successful go-live.

SAP Implementation for an Acquisition

When a global systems integrator lacks the resources needed to conduct an SAP™ software implementation, how do they successfully reach their go-live date? Create an all-star project team, with senior talent to guide the initiative.

Discover how Oxford’s senior experts helped lead the project to the finish line.

Global Change Management and Training

How does a plastics manufacturer prepare its global organization for an SAP™ software rollout? Engage a partner to help execute an Organizational Change Management plan.

Discover how Oxford’s team provided trainers to 17 countries within a two-week period.

Workday and Kronos Implementation

What does it take for a healthcare insurance company to successfully replace their HRIS? Bring in senior consultants to support integration, testing and legacy system management.

Discover how Oxford’s industry experts helped launch a Workday™ and Kronos™ software implementation.

Microsoft Consolidation for 30K User Mailboxes

How does an organization successfully migrate 30,000 user mailboxes in less than 6 months, when they are already 6 weeks behind schedule? With a senior expert to lead the global project team.

Discover how Oxford’s expert helped them reach the goal, 6 weeks ahead of schedule.

Cognos Experts Needed for Demerger

How does a shopping center developer successfully demerge from their parent company and establish their own independent systems? With Cognos™ software experts to analyze, define and design new systems.

Discover how Oxford’s talent helped forecast and plan to achieve demerger goals.

Ellucian Consolidation for a University

What does a successful consolidation project look like for a university system? Merging two physical locations (including systems, student records, and educational data) into one campus within a year.

Discover how Oxford’s skilled experts helped to get it done.

Workforce Management for Consultant Onboarding

How does a national grocery chain onboard multiple consultants and quickly prepare them for new digital projects? With an onsite workforce management program to streamline processes.

Discover how Oxford helped reduce consultant onboarding time from 2 weeks to 2 hours.  

IBM Maximo Upgrade for Automotive Manufacturer

How does an automotive manufacturer successfully roll out an IBM Maximo™ software upgrade across 11 locations? With a team of senior IT experts to support migration services, project management, and training.

Discover how Oxford consultants helped plan and prepare for a new enterprise asset management system.

CQV for Biotechnology Facility Expansion

How does a biotechnology manufacturer successfully expand their facility on a short timeframe with limited resources? Bring in experts to ensure all commissioning, qualification, and validation services are accurately performed on time.

Discover how Oxford’s talent helped meet the deadline and complete the facility expansion.

Compliance Review for Medical Device Manufacturer

How does a medical device manufacturer successfully respond to an FDA inspection observation? Conduct a site-wide review and open a CAPA plan to document actions, findings, and results.

Discover how Oxford’s team quickly helped capture and address issues to achieve full compliance. 

CQV for a Medical Device Manufacturer

What does it take for a medical device manufacturer to successfully transition from manual production to automation? Custom-designed specifications to build, install, qualify, and validate new equipment.

Discover how Oxford’s team helped create an FDA-compliant automated production process.

FDA Inspection Prep for Hearing Aid Maker

What does it take for a hearing aid & accessories manufacturer to successfully prepare for an FDA inspection? Launch an inspection readiness project to implement compliance standards into documents, systems, and processes.

Discover how Oxford promptly provided 15 consultants that were critical to achieving an observation-free site inspection.

FDA Remediation for Cardiovascular Device Maker

When a cardiovascular medical device manufacturer receives an FDA Warning Letter, how do they successfully respond to the issue? Launch a task force to remediate technical documentation, processes, and systems.

Discover how Oxford’s consultants helped to remediate the issue and pass the FDA re-inspection.

Integration of Beaker Module to Existing Epic Lab System

How does a University Medical Research Hospital implement a complex Beaker module to their existing Epic system quickly and efficiently? With experienced professionals ready to provide knowledge and support that the client might not otherwise receive.

Discover how Oxford filled knowledge gaps and left behind an educated team ready to hit the ground running with a new system.

HIM Coding Management and Services

What should a healthcare organization do when its Discharge Not Final Billed (DNFB) grows to nearly $30 million dollars? Build an expert coding and auditing team to improve the billing process.

Discover how Oxford’s Coding and Auditing solution increased billing production and accuracy.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customization

What does a global client in the textile rental and laundry services industry need to embark on a massive Microsoft Dynamics 365 implementation? A group of expert consultants to provide key guidance and direction throughout the project.

Discover how Oxford helped implement a tailor-made Microsoft Dynamics 365 solution across multiple European sites.

Global Microsoft Dynamics Rollout

When a large aluminum and renewable energy company needs Microsoft Dynamics AX professionals to help with a rollout across 44 countries, where do they turn for recruitment support? To a company with a broad international network of top talent.

Discover how Oxford took on the challenge and found 30 qualified international consultants in 24 hours.

Compliance with a Homeland Security Directive

When a large government organization needs to meet a Homeland Security deadline, how do they achieve companywide compliance? With a senior Cybersecurity expert to develop an ICAM solution and implement multi-factor authentication.

Discover how an Oxford consultant helped our client create a more secure IT environment.

Implementing a Consolidated ERP Architecture

When a leading coffee and beverage company needs help aligning their ERP technologies, who do they call on? A trusted partner with the know-how to see the project through to the end.

Discover how Oxford delivered expertise in SAP™, PeopleSoft™ and Oracle™ software.

Microsoft Dynamics AX Implementation

Implementing and deploying Microsoft DynamicsTM AX across 18 different countries requires specialized help. To meet the needs of the project, a partner with connections to professional IT consultants across the globe is an invaluable resource.

Discover how Oxford helped deliver successful implementations at multiple sites in several countries.


European Wide Microsoft Dynamics AX Migration

During a Europe-wide ERP migration process, and international laundry machine manufacturer realized they needed assistance due to the complex regulations involved. The question was, who could they rely on to help? Due to their global reach and deep understanding of the system, Oxford Global Resources was contacted to provide assistance.

Discover how Oxford helped create a common global template across 7 countries.

Remediation for FDA Readiness

When a global medical manufacturer needs to pass an upcoming FDA inspection, how do they prepare? By engaging an experienced team of professionals, customized to identify the specific improvements needed to achieve compliance.

Discover how Oxford consultants revised a Quality Management System to meet FDA regulations within 7 weeks.

Compliance for Combination Products

What does it take for a large medical device manufacturer to successfully achieve compliance for a new range of combination products? A team of senior-level consultants with expert knowledge of medical devices and pharmaceuticals.

Discover how Oxford helped our client qualify 50 combination products in 3 years.

Gap Assessment and Workstreams for MDR Compliance

In order to achieve MDR compliance within the provided deadlines, how does a medical device manufacturer achieve their goals while also maintaining day-to-day operations? With support and partnership from experts who understand the nuances of such a complex project.

Discover how Oxford provided assistance to keep the project on track. 

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