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March 26, 2019

Oxford Netherlands (formerly LabResource) wins the 2018 Kelly OCG Excellence award!

On Tuesday, March 26th 2019, Oxford’s Netherlands office (formerly LabResource) was awarded with the 2018 Kelly OCG Supplier Excellence award. Oxford’s Netherlands office (formerly LabResource) has been recognized as one of the 19 best global suppliers for the Kelly OCG for the year 2018. Kelly OCG works with over 3,000 global suppliers for the 500+ programs Kelly OCG manages.

Menno Lammers, Director for Oxford Global Resources Netherland’s Office shared, “We are extremely proud to be awarded by Kelly OCG as one of their top 19 best performing suppliers globally. What makes this appreciation really special is that this award is based not only on statistics of the supplier’s portal but more importantly, is the result of an internal survey held amongst the vendor managers. Together this makes the award really special. We aim to achieve the highest quality and best client satisfaction. The award is a result of great partnership with Kelly OCG and the good relation we have built together. Oxford’s Netherlands office (formerly LabResource) participates in multiple Kelly OCG programs and this recognition will hopefully boost the collaboration between us so that we both can further develop and grow business opportunities.”


Kelly OCG Excellence award