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Clearing a Backlog of Microbiological Samples

Food & Beverage
Quality Control
Bacteria Identification
Cell Counting
Petri Film
Urgent role filled within four days.
The Challenge

A company that performs microbiological analyses on food, feed, and environment determined they needed to cease business operations and gradually reduce their workforce. The company had two months to complete their remaining analyses and honor its commitments to its’ existing clients. However, with a reduced workforce, the scope of the outstanding work was more than the microbiological company expected, and they lacked the manpower to complete the analyses in a timely manner. If the backlog was not completed before closure, the company would be unable to honor previous commitments to its clients, or would have to outsource testing to another company, posing serious financial implications.

The Solution

Needing to temporarily increase their workforce to complete outstanding testing of microbiological samples, the organization reached out to Oxford Global Resources, and after discussing their needs, it was decided that two QC Analysts were required and would need to start as soon as possible.

The Result

Initial conversations took place on a Friday afternoon, where requirements and conditions were immediately agreed upon. By the following Monday morning, two candidates were presented to the client and interviews were set up for Tuesday. One of the candidates interviewed showed such impressive skills and expertise that the company hired him on full-time and extended the contract to the date that operations would cease. Therefore, only one consultant was required. By Thursday, the candidate began his assignment and was able to help the organization complete the backlog on time.