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AWS Migration and Creation of Comprehensive Architecture

Virtualization & Cloud Computing
Migration Services
  • DynamoDB
  • RDS
  • EC2
Over an 11-month period, the Oxford consultant created a robust AWS architecture
The Challenge

Our client, a pharmaceutical organization specializing in drug delivery systems, was about to launch a revolutionary new drug. The client determined their best option to fully support this new initiative was to transition from their current, on premise solution to best-in-class, cloud-based architecture: Amazon Web Services™ (AWS). They needed a robust, serverless architecture to foster business continuity and conform to strict HIPAA and FDA regulations. The new infrastructure needed to be able to support medical-based transactions on AWS using secured EC2™ instances working with DynamoDB™ and RDS™. However, their lack of in-house experience with AWS and already overloaded team meant that they needed a partner who could provide the requisite knowledge and assistance.

The Solution

The client reached out to Oxford Global Resources, and we connected them to a consultant with experience in AWS, Okta™, Epsilon, Javascript™, DynamoDB, and more. While the bulk of the support was provided from a remote workplace, the consultant spent one week per month on site to allow for additional collaboration and face-to-face interaction. He liaised with various departments, vendors, and stakeholders to understand the full scope of the migration and to provide guidance. His involvement allowed for the creation of an architecture that was highly scalable and bridged the gap between the previously existing SaaS providers.

The Result

Over an 11-month period, the Oxford consultant created an AWS architecture for sales, training, digital marketing, identity management, and customer service platforms. He documented technical design, flows, and requirements to conform to regulations, data security, and validation activities. In addition, he developed fully-automated integration tests using Robot Framework to automate front-end test and back-end validation in SFDC, Epsilon, Okta, LMS, DynamoDB and administrative user interfaces.