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Streamlined COVID-19 Testing for International Sporting Events

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Bioanalytical Testing
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Six international events successfully held without a spike in COVID cases.
The Challenge

The COVID-19 pandemic has presented challenges to organizations in every industry, resulting in unexpected collaboration between life sciences companies and other businesses. One such partnership developed between a bioanalytical testing organization and the coordinators of an international sporting event. In order to proceed with each segment of the event, the athletes had to be tested for COVID at each location to prevent outbreaks and interruptions in the events. Testing needed to be organized and streamlined in an efficient and effective manner by someone with professionalism and expertise. Without appropriate testing in place, sporting events could not proceed as scheduled, so timing was of the utmost importance. The bioanalytical testing organization is a long-standing partner of Oxford Global Resources, and knew they could rely on us to be highly-responsive, flexible, and able to provide specialized solutions.

The Solution

Within three days, we connected the bioanalytical testing organization to an Oxford consultant who was specially qualified in this field, available, and willing to travel to facilitate this urgent matter. This Oxford Project Manager leveraged IT and regulatory experience while liaising with the athletes and testing sites to facilitate transportation of kits to the appropriate labs. The Oxford consultant traveled with the athletes to each international site to continue assisting with this process. The consultant’s duties included, but were not limited to:

  • Operational management of sporting and entertainment events
  • Oversight of laboratory testing for athletes and teams
  • Project and event management for sports and entertainment industry
The Result

Due to the diligence of the consultant, a multi-national sporting event occurred successfully without any spikes in COVID cases. Had there been a lack of successful testing and event management, every event in this series could have been cancelled — resulting in enormous cost for our client and their partner.