Solutions defined differently to enable each project to succeed.
Solutions defined differently
to enable each project to succeed.

Integration of Beaker Module to Existing Epic Lab System



Healthcare Technology


Go-Live Support


Project Management
End-User Training
Experienced professionals to provide education and augment the team.

The Challenge

In order to integrate their existing lab system into Epic, a university medical research hospital chose to implement a Beaker module. However, the client recognized the knowledge gaps within their own team and wanted to bring in consulting expertise to help lead the project. The objective was to fully implement both Clinical Pathology and Anatomic Pathology over a 24-month timeline.

The Solution

Oxford Global Resources was asked identify the expertise needed for the project due to the longstanding partnership we shared with the client. Our experienced project manager collaborated with the client to execute their roadmap for the Beaker implementation. From there, our consultants were able to fill knowledge gaps and support the internal team. We provided 6 specialists to support billing and lab functions. Over the course of 2 years, we aided the client through their 2-phase go-live. When our experts completed their work, the client was able to smoothly transition to production support operations. A detailed knowledge transfer process ensured the client’s team was fully educated and comfortable supporting their new system.

The Result

Following a smooth implementation and knowledge transfer, our client was able to continue with their day-to-day operations without impacting their internal team’s productivity. The client’s partnership with Oxford enabled a quicker adoption from end-users through knowledgeable and effective communication. The ongoing partnership throughout the project ensured the client was set up for success from the start, and they continue to operate efficiently with a stable new system.

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